Arezou Moosavi - Artist Statement

My goal is for the unseen to become seen, the small to become large. Put a spotlight on what society overlooks, underestimates, or keeps hidden. Make it so that if the viewer misses anything, they do not miss what I intended them to find. In ​Tunnel Vision​, 2019, that was the impact of media, text, and the violence western imperialism.

In another work, it was the duties of those working in jobs like construction workers-- the ones who build our cities, but get nowhere near the amount of appreciation for it compared to other, more “glamorous” jobs-- and portraying them as the grand painters of our cities. This concept was titled ​Glamourous Mundane​.

Tunnel Vision,​ 2019, mentioned previously, is an installation piece I am currently working on that met some dramatic changes as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. It began as a large tunnel built of paper and Persian fabric. The idea was that with a black light, the viewer would walk in and read all the articles (painted over with glow in the dark paint to look like a bloody sky) on the violence of imperialism and how that impacts Iranian LGBT+ communities. It was meant to be interactive: since the tunnel would be completely dark, the viewer themselves has to “illuminate” the articles with a black light in order to read them. However, since the official presentation of the work would no longer be in person, but rather, a virtual presentation, this work, once filled with “what will be,” became a series of “what would’ve been.” It is not all that bad, though. In trying to find a virtual means of presenting the work that satisfied me best, I began to explore software I had never once thought about trying before: 3D modeling. There was no way I would be satisfied with a 2D sketch of my work. Especially this one, that so heavily relies on the mind-body experience of the viewer. Therefore, by getting into 3D modeling, this is an attempt to recreate “what would have been” by replicating a first-person video game experience. Ideally, what would result from this is a video walking through a 3D space that replicates what the work is imagined to be. Otherwise, it would be a video supplemented by any additional screenshots deemed necessary.
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